After completing treatment for gum disease, our dentist will set up a schedule of regular appointments so that you can continue to receive periodontal maintenance and keep your gum disease under control. Periodontal maintenance involves returning to our office every 12 weeks for a deep dental cleaning. These appointments occur at intervals of 12 weeks because the bacteria that cause gum disease begin to flourish within a three to 12 week period. By removing plaque, biofilm and harmful bacteria at the 12 week mark, we can keep gum disease under control and prevent further damage to your smile and oral health.

We strongly encourage you to continue to visit our office for periodontal maintenance, and to minimize your risk of periodontal disease through good oral hygiene at home, a nutritious diet and by avoiding smoking or using other tobacco products.

Periodontal disease, when left untreated, can result in tooth loss, bone loss and gum recession. We are committed to helping you keep this condition under control so that you can enjoy better oral health and a confident smile.

For more information about periodontal maintenance in New Milford, Connecticut, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Glenn M. Wilson, call our office today at 860-272-4312.

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