Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral, and can be found in many foods as well as in the water supplies for many cities and towns. Fluoride works to strengthen tooth enamel and protect your teeth from cavities and other problems.

As you go through your day, bacteria, sugars and acids attack and demineralize your tooth enamel. Fluoride remineralizes this enamel and strengthens the teeth so that they are less susceptible to tooth decay. Fluoride also works to strengthen teeth that are developing to ensure that they grow strong and healthy, making it a key treatment for children as their teeth erupt.

While you do receive a certain amount of fluoride in your day-to-day diet, our dentist may recommend professional fluoride treatments to boost your dental health and further strengthen and protect your teeth. Dr. Wilson will check your child’s fluoride levels during their regular appointments to determine if they need a fluoride treatment, and may also recommend fluoride for adults who are at greater risk of cavities.

Fluoride is available in the forms of a gel, a varnish or a foam. Your fluoride treatment can be completed in just a few minutes during your regular dental appointments.

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