One of the latest technologies we offer is digital imaging and radiography. These are often simply called digital X-rays and used by many modern medical offices. During the imaging process, our dentist will put a wireless sensor inside of the patient’s mouth. This sensor will quickly generate a high-quality image. Most digital images can be taken in 30 seconds, while traditional dental film typically takes four to six minutes. Because the images are digital, they can easily be transferred, enlarged and enhanced for examination and diagnosis.

Digital X-rays help Dr. Wilson identify problems early. Decay, developmental issues, misalignment, tumors, cysts, bone loss and infection can all be caught by high-quality digital imaging. When our dentist is able to track these problems, it can help prevent them into more serious issues. Digital X-rays not only provide details images, they are also safer for patients and the environment. When compared with traditional X-rays, digital imaging reduces exposure to radiation by 90 percent!

When patients visit our office, we invite them to ask and learn about their dental treatments at our office. If you would like to find out more about digital X-rays in New Milford, Connecticut, call 860-272-4312 and schedule an exam or consultation with our Dr. Glenn M. Wilson.