With general dentistry, Dr. Glenn M. Wilson is able to help patients have healthy, beautiful smiles. There are many different ways to maintain your smile. To preserve the health of patients’ teeth and gums, our practice provides the following services:

Let our practice help you — from completing regular appointments, like annual checkups, to more complicated procedures, like wisdom teeth removal. All our services are aimed to help you and your family properly maintain your oral health. Our dentist and our office have the experience and training to provide you with excellent dental care and we are proud to provide high-quality family dentistry in New Milford, Connecticut.

To help keep your teeth on track, we suggest visiting our office at least every six months. By attending regular appointments, our dentist can examine your teeth for symptoms of disease, infection or developmental issues. By catching these early, our office can prevent them from spreading and developing. Depending on your diagnosis, we can then plan the best way to approach the problem. Our dentist will work with you to make sure that you feel confident in your treatment. Speak with a member of our dental team and schedule your next appointment by calling us at 860-272-4312 today.