Our skilled dentist provides composite dental fillings to repair and restore your damaged teeth. With composite fillings, you can regain a healthy and natural-looking smile have your teeth have sustained cavities, minor cracking or other damage, such as that caused by fracturing or chipping.

Fillings work by “filling in” the damaged area, restoring the structure and function of the tooth as well as it’s natural shape and appearance. At our office, we have chosen to use only composite, or tooth-colored dental fillings. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings blend in with your teeth to create a natural-looking result. They also work with your tooth to strengthen it and provide you with a long-lasting solution for your smile.

Your filling can be placed in a single appointment. First, Dr. Wilson will remove the decayed and damaged tooth structure. He will thoroughly clean the tooth to remove all traces of decay and prepare it to receive the filling. He will then place the resin filling material into the area and shape it to match the contours of your tooth. After the filling is placed, he will harden and polish it to complete your treatment and give you a lasting restoration.

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