It’s not just a cleaning!

Every year, patients should set aside time for at least two routine dental cleanings. At these cleanings, Dr. Glenn M. Wilson’s team will remove bacterial buildup, plaque and tarter. Though regular brushing and flossing can help keep your smile healthy, it is not enough. Professional cleanings from our dentist and his team can reach and clean areas that are commonly missed by patients. Some areas, like between the teeth and underneath the gumline, can only be properly cleaned by a dental professional.

After your dental cleaning in New Milford, Connecticut, our dentist will provide a thorough exam and may recommend additional treatments. This may include a sealant, to help prevent bacterial deposits from forming, or a fluoride treatment, to strengthen the enamel. (Many studies have shown the benefits of regular exposure to fluoride and its ability to protect teeth against future decay.) If he finds signs of tooth decay, our dentist can also remove damaged tissue and complete a restoration procedure.

If you would like to schedule one of your dental cleanings today, call 860-272-4312. A member of our dental team can help you plan your cleaning and examination. Patients can meet with our dentist, complete their cleaning and exam, and plan how to protect their smile in the future.