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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Brighter Smile

Find a better, brighter smile with the help of Dr. Glenn M. Wilson. Together with our dental team, our dentist provides a variety of cosmetic dental treatments in New Milford, Connecticut. If you have questions about how to fix your smile, call 860-354-3737. Patients can schedule an appointment with our office team over the phone and meet with our dentist in person. During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, our team can go over your options for treatment and help you decide what works best for you. We’ll mix health and physical wishes to build you a better smile that you’ll be proud to show off!

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Our Cosmetic Services

With cosmetic dentistry, patients can enjoy a straighter, whiter, and complete smile. If your smile has been affected by accident, developmental disorders, or disease, our dentist can find a way to improve its appearance. Let’s make a plan to design your new smile together. By combining years of experience with modern technology, anything is possible. A few common reasons why a patient may seek cosmetic treatments include:

  • Chips or cracks in the enamel
  • Yellowing or staining
  • Minor or major misalignment
  • Misshapen or malformed teeth
  • Gapping or spacing issues
  • Worn-down or uneven appearance

Start Your Transformation Today

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only for aesthetic value. Straight and healthy teeth lead to a healthier lifestyle. You can eat and speak easier, also giving you more self-confidence. Additionally, repairing cracks or chips in your teeth lowers the risk of disease and infections. Depending on your individual needs, our dentist may recommend a variety of dental procedures. Some flaws can be fixed with a simple procedure. However, if the damage to the tooth is extensive, our practice may recommend a restorative dental procedure instead. For more information on how to improve your smile, click through below.

Big enough to meet your needs, small enough to know your name.