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Importance of Primary Teeth

Many people believe that since the primary teeth are temporary that they are not as important. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The primary teeth play a key role in your child’s oral health and development, including:

  • Helping them learn to speak properly
  • Guiding jaw development
  • Helping to form good chewing habits
  • Improving overall health and nutrition
  • Guiding the spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth
  • Boosting your child’s self-confidence

Of the points listed above, perhaps the most important role of the primary teeth is in guiding the spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth. Baby teeth hold the places for the permanent teeth, giving them a pathway to follow so that they erupt in the correct place and are properly aligned. If a baby tooth falls out too early, the teeth surrounding that gap can become misaligned and the permanent tooth may erupt incorrectly, increasing your child’s risk of cavities, crooked teeth and a bad bite, and making orthodontic treatment necessary later on.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

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When you bring your child to our office, Dr. Glenn M. Wilson will review your child’s growth and development with you and make recommendations on the best ways to help your child take care of their teeth. This will include not only oral hygiene at home, but also preventive care in our office.

Contact us today at 860-354-3737 to learn more about the importance of primary teeth and schedule your appointment with our caring dentist in New Milford, Connecticut.

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