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Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras allow our dentist to better examine patients’ teeth and gums. When Dr. Glenn M. Wilson uses this technology, he can identify signs of disease, decay and other dental problems more quickly. The more quickly our dentist can diagnose your symptoms, the more effectively he can treat the issue.

Dental Hygiene care by Glenn M Wilson DMD in New Milford, CT

How Intraoral Cameras Work

With intraoral cameras, our dentist can take a closer look at a patient’s mouth, teeth and gums. The camera itself is mounted on a small “wand” that can be comfortably moved throughout the mouth. Because of its small size, the camera can take photos from many different angles. This helps prevent our dentist from missing details that may be overlooked by the naked eye. The photos are clearly defined in color, to help pick up additional information. (Every piece of information is vital for proper diagnosis.) The photos can also be easily shared with our patients. This helps patients become a part of the treatment process, so they can feel more informed and confident in their care.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you would like to see how our technology is used at our practice, plan an appointment or examination. Come in and see tools like intraoral cameras in New Milford, Connecticut, and how they benefit both our dentist and our patients. To schedule a dental examination today, call 860-354-3737.

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